Do you have some photos you would like to share with us on the NTRA Site?

We have setup a DropBox Account ( and will use this so that you can send us Photos.

  1. Once you have setup a Dropbox account, send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your Full Name and Email Address that you used to Sign Up with DropBox.
  2. We will then create a Shared Folder for you to upload your photos to, and will send an invitiation to your email account.
  3. You will then recieve an email from NTRA Media asking you to accept the invitation
  4. Once accepted you can then upload your photos to the shared ntra-photos folder, and we will then be able to use them on the web site.
  5. If you have installed the Dropbox Application on your PC or Mac, the application will create a shared folder on your PC (e.g. ntra-photos-timw).
  6. Copy your photos to that shared folder, and Dropbox will automattically send them to us.
  7. If you have a large number of photos pop them into their own sub folders under ntra-photos, eg. soo12-team, soo13-mo, fiji13-m40s etc so that we know which tournament they belong to.
  8. Approved photos will then go onto the site.


If you are going to use this service, COPY your photos dont MOVE them.  As we will be removing the photos from DropBox when we upload them to the site, you may then loose the photos from your PC if you had moved them into the shared ntra-photos folder, instead of copying them, as Dropbox synchronises the two folders.  Because of this Syncronisation, once we remove them from Dropbox, they will be deleted from your local copy of the ntra-photos folder.

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