Mens 35 -NZ 6 defeated A 5

Women's 35-  A 7 deafeted NZ 0

Men's 50- A5 defeated NZ 0

Men's 60 - NZ 4 defeated A 3

Mx21 - A 5 defeated NZ 3

Mixed Masters - A9 defeated NZ 1

Womens Open - received a forfeit from NZ due to Earthquake near Wellington today

Womens Development Team - A 7 defeated NZ Mixed development team 5

Mens 19 - A 3 defeated NZ 2

Mens 45 - A 12 defeated NZ 0

Mixed Open  - A 8 defeated NZ 1

New South wales State Titles will be held Saturday 4th February at Barden Ridge Sports Complex - Recreation Drive, Barden Ridge.

Contact Trish Hansen for further details 


State of Origin Series Results

Mixed 21 QLD 3-0

Mixed Masters NSW 2-1

Mixed Golden Masters NSW 3-0

Mens Over 30's QLD 3 -0

Men's 35's NSW 3-0

Men's 40's NSW 3-0

Mens 21's QLD 2-1

Womens 21's NSW 2-1

Women's 27's QLD 3 to 0

Women's 35's NSW 3-0

Women's 45 QLD 2 and one drawn game

Men's 60 Final Qld Country 2 Defeated NSW 1

Men's 45's QLD 3-1

Men's 50's NSW 3-0

Men's 55's NSW 2 and one drawn game

Mixed Open QLD 3-0

Women's Open NSW 2 and one drawn game

Men's Open's NSW 2 -1

Queensland took the Series 11 Divisions to 10


Referee Encouragement Award - Darcy Kerrigan

Referee of Tournament Andy Wheadon

Referee of the Year Linda Buchanan

The Australian Teams will be announced towards the end of July to travel to New Zealand to contest the Trans Tasman.


NSW Girls 18 's take out the SOO winning 3 games  to nil against Queensland

Queensland U16/18 Boyrs take out the SOO winning 3 games to nil against New South Wales

Queensland U16's Girls take out SOO winning 3 games to nil against New South Wales

Well done Queensland.

QLD State Titles 25th February 2017

This Tournament will be held at Laidley Touch and is currently scheduled to start around 8:00am

Divisions will include

  • Juniors - Under 18 Mixed
  • Opens - Mixed, Mens and Womens
  • Masters (45s and over)
  • Kegs


  • Team Nomination Fees:
    • Seniors: $420
    • Juniors: $120 (All Players must be under 18 and playing in the Junior Division Only)


  • A canteen will be operational on the day
  • Below you will find the various nomination forms for download.


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